Commercial solar myths are harmful ways to hamper technological progress and prevent business owners from saving money on utilities every year.

Commercial solar in Orange County helps businesses reduce power costs, produce their own energy, promote renewable energy, and increase property value.

It’s time to bust these common commercial solar myths that prevent you from embracing solar energy and efficiency.

Solar Power Myth #1: Commercial Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

This solar myth will often be the first one you hear about when exploring solar power. And, out of all the solar myths, it’s the easiest to debunk right away.

People will say, “Solar power would be nice, but it’s just too expensive,” but it’s simply not true.

The cost of utilities in California is rising. Opting for commercial solar energy is actually a much cheaper, more sound investment than dealing with the status quo.

There’s actually never been a better time to install commercial solar panels for a business. With tax incentives, acting right now is likely one of the more prudent financial decisions you can make.

With electricity rates as high as they are in California, it’s well worth exploring commercial solar panels as a cheaper alternative.

If you have energy bills over $200, you could be paying anywhere from $75,000 to $140,000 over 20-30 years.

A solar panel array will easily give you an ROI within five years. Plus, solar panels have a lifetime of around 25 years. So with regular maintenance, you need not worry about replacing your commercial solar panels.

If we were to estimate our savings based on our location, we could easily have $43,000 net savings over 20 years. Add to that an ROI in 5 years with commercial solar. Not to mention a 3% increase in property value.

Remember, there are also various financing options to make payments more manageable.

Solar Power Myth #2: Solar Panels Only Work In Direct Sunlight

orange county solar panels at night

While solar panels don’t work at nighttime, that doesn’t mean you’re left in the dark. You need not worry about solar panels not operating just because the sun sets.

Thanks to solar batteries, homeowners and commercial business owners in Orange County can keep the power on, even without the sun.

Solar batteries store excess power generated by commercial solar panels. This promotes self-sufficiency, not having you rely entirely on the power grid to have available power at your disposal.

In short, having a solid solar battery will allow you to keep the electricity flowing, regardless of the time of day and weather.

And, if all else fails, your solar panel system is still hooked up to the grid, so you’ll never be without power.

Solar Power Myth #3: Solar Panels Lower Property Value

Do solar panels lower property value? No. On the contrary: solar panels in Orange County and elsewhere in the country are shown to increase property value.

In fact, we’ve spent some significant time exploring more about property values and solar panels. We interviewed a handful of prominent realtors, and they confirmed that commercial solar panels in Orange County could increase property values.

According to a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), for every $1 reduction in power bills, solar panels increase a property’s value by $20. In short, with the increase in property value, along with saving money on utilities, your commercial solar panels end up paying for themselves.

Debunking Commercial Solar Myths Costs With Solar Installers In Orange County

orange county commercial solar panel installer squatting on roof

Business owners need not worry about paying an arm and a leg for utilities with commercial solar power.

With REPOWER Orange, business owners can add value to their property, save money, and help the environment by installing solar panels in Orange County.

Don’t worry; the process isn’t complicated. Experts at REPOWER Orange will meet with you to discuss the size and scope of your solar array.

Installing solar panels on the roof of a grocery store, office building, or multifamily complex? We go over every detail with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar panels.

Likewise, we offer comprehensive, free EV chargers in Orange County. Commercial businesses can get free EV charging station installation thanks to Southern California Edison.

Whichever you choose, REPOWER Orange will help you plan out your solar array and get all the necessary permits and maintenance. Learn more about commercial solar panels by getting in touch with us today!